There’s a new trend out there for getting high and it involves cough syrup. While on the surface this is nothing new as teens have experimented with getting a buzz off of cough syrup for some time, this new delivery technique is very unique, and extremely disturbing.

It involves what is being called, “butt chugging.” It involves exactly what you think. Taking in the cough syrup, through your butt. Now, you would think a shot of whiskey would be a lot easier and more effective, but it turns out the chemical in cough syrup – Dextromethorphan or DXM – has a major hallucinogenic effect when taken in a large dose, and the effect goes beyond just a drunken-like buzz, but instead a full on high occurs.

The butt chugging delivery is more effective than simply chugging it. The absorption is much quicker, but the risks are far greater. Seizures have been reported along with other dangerous side effects. Not to mention, it’s just plain disgusting. Definitely not something you would want to see in the middle of a party!