Wife Puts A Hidden Camera In Their House. What a Father Does with Son When His Wife is Not Home!!! [Entertainment]

If you're wondering what happens when you leave your child alone with your husband, then, mommies, you might learn a thing or two from this video. Emio is the father of baby Xavier and their family lives in Kansas City.

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Somali Pirates Approach Russian Navy. This is how the Russians Reacted.

What happens when a bunch of Somali pirates get extremely cocky and decide to ambush a Russian navy ship? I think you’ll agree after watching this video, they get their asses handed to them. Big time! Russians don’t even fool around. They are not waiting to be baited in by these Somali pirates which have a strong history of causing all kinds of problems. If the ship doesn’t retreat then they’re getting sunk, plain and simple. This sent about a strong of a message as you can get to all pirates out there that if you see the Russian flag

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