Dad Picks Her Up From School And Finds Out She's Been Bullied - Watch What He Does

This girl, like many others, if facing being bullied at school. When her Dad, Khari, hears about it, he has the perfect solution to fight back with these bullies in a way...

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They RUSHED The Stage When His Audition Went Wrong. But What He Did Next SHOCKED Everyone!

When it comes to Simon Cowell, it seems like everyone has a strong opinion about him. But whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that his critical nature has helped propel the Got Talent franchise to success.

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Jet Fighter Flies So Close Onlookers Need Fresh Underwear

Airplanes are probably one of the coolest inventions of modern man, and with each passing year the brave pilots who fly them just keep getting better. So when this Turkish fighter jet decides to really show off what he’s got the crowd in attendance got the show of a lifetime! It’s right at the moment when the jet is over the cameraman where I would personally be laying on the ground in terror – though it would be one of the coolest moments of the day! pass it along!

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