A bra is generally standard fare for women, though there does exist many who reject wearing bras due to discomfort, and some simply on principle.

What about a middle ground? Yes, there are some woman who make modifications with their bras and here is one excellent example of a very cool bra hack that you may just want to try! If you have been frustrated by the back portion bra while wearing a dress, there is a really simple DIY solution around this. You are probably thinking that you are going to have to sacrifice support, but that’s not the case. You can get rid of the backing, plus still have support!

The trick is making a few cuts in the right places, and then just some minor sewing. The result ends up being a no-bra back, yet still ultra supportive. Oh, and it doesn’t cost a thing to make!

Check this out and definitely share this cool “bra-hack” with all your girlfriends!