Woman’s story to end texting while driving. Everyone should see this

Here’s yet another story of the extreme dangers of doing the very selfish and idiotic action of texting while driving.

You not only put your own life at risk when you feel the need to text while driving, but you put other people on the road at risk as well. In this case, there is a third party that unfortunately was also at risk and ended up losing its life. It was Aimee’s unborn child. Aimee was driving down a country road while some idiot was texting while driving and ended up hitting her head-on. Aimee survived. Her baby died.

Though she survived, her injuries were plentiful. Metal in every limb, a heart stint, and a lost leg. Once you see this car in this video, you’ll understand how all of these injuries piled up and she’s lucky to even be alive. You will also see Aimee’s x-ray of her unborn child which wasn’t so lucky.

Nowadays Aimee’s license plate reads DNT TEXT and she speaks out about the dangers of texting while driving. Aimee is not able to have children of her own, another result of the accident. The idiot who was speeding and texting and took away Aimee’s leg, her child, and her ability to have children in the future was unharmed and received a ticket.

Don’t be a fool and text while you drive. Turn your phone off and focus on the road. You are putting the lives of others at risk and you never know how great the consequences of that one split second distraction can be.

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