Everything can change in an instant. This happened to one family, yet somehow they were able to recover from that instance of tragedy a year later with a major blessing.

It was Kyles 5th birthday. They drove to the fair to celebrate. Both sisters, 4-year-old Emma and 2-year-old Katie, along with mother Lori and grandmother Cindy were looking forward to a day of fun. While at the fair Kyle rode the ferris wheel, then enjoyed going to the petting zoo. A wonderful time was indeed had by all. The afternoon was about to wrap up as nap time was right around the corner. On the way home the traffic became heavy. While in a traffic jam, the mom turned around briefly to tickle her youngest daughters foot. Then that instance of tragedy occurred.

A truck rammed into their minivan. No brakes, it was a full on collision causing mom and grandma to go unconscious due to impact. The kids in the back were hurt very badly. They are soon rushed to a hospital.


It’s a call no father ever wants to receive. When he gets the news, Chris naturally heads to the hospital as quickly as possible. Unfortunately it would be too late. His daughters were gone. Kyle is hanging on, but the reality of his injuries mean that there is virtually zero chance he will in fact make it. It was time to turn off life support. “I held my hand on his chest until his heart stopped beating,” tells Chris. “Then he was gone.”


The loss truly hit them the day of the funeral, when all three of their kids were placed in little children’s coffins.


How could a parent ever even begin to deal with all this? The pain was taking its toll and it didn’t help that the neighborhood which they lived in was full of children who were out and about, laughing, playing and doing all of the things that their kids should be doing. Instead their kids now lie inside children’s caskets, lifeless and gone. When Halloween was approaching, they knew they had to get out of the neighborhood as there was no way they could deal with all the kids trick or treating.


Somedays it was completely unbearable to the point of wondering how they could even go on. Wouldn’t ending their own lives be the solution to getting rid of all this unbearable day to day pain? But they decided to make a pact with one another, that no matter what, they would not go that route. The father, Chris, explains: “At a certain point you just want to break through the grief. You want to take your life because you think that you’ll be with your kids again. But we promised to never leave each other.”


They made a huge decision three months later. To have more kids. Chris explains: “We always described ourselves at that point as parents without children.” No longer did they want that title. They went through artificial fertilization, with the hopes of having one child. The result? Three children. Two girls and one boy. Just like the three they had lost. When they saw the fertilized eggs, realizing there would be three, they couldn’t help but see it as a sign.


They gave birth to triplets! This just a year after they had lost Kyle, Emma, and Katie. Now Ashley, Elie and Jake were coming into this world. Lori talks about experience: “They will never replace Kyle, Emma, and Katie. But there is joy in the house again. There is joy in our hearts again. They fill our lives with love, happiness and laughter again.”


The triplets have been made aware that they actually have sisters and a brother that are no longer with them. Pictures of their deceased siblings hang in the house. They will also go to the grave and have picnics, as they vow never to forget their first three children.


Really heartbreaking how they lost so much, so quickly. But very miraculous that they were able to be blessed with triplets a year later. Share this amazing story with friends and family.