The fun and laughter never ends for GMA Network as even through the weekends they have whipped up something special for the fans and viewers to keep them happy and entertained, and it's in the form of Sunday Pinasaya! An afternoon show featuring a wide cast of celebrities including Alden Richards, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, the beautiful Marian Rivera-Dantes and many more! The studded hosts bring excitement to everyone's afternoon Sundays as the show is always filled with fun and laughter, and they never fail to deliver.

And in this particular #‎SPSUnliTawa segment, JudgeMD Marian Rivera acts as the middle ground between Lolo Alfred and Lola Benita, and they are arguing about.. dentures. Yes, dentures. It appears that the two old couple cannot grasp each other with the thought that Lolo Alfred is borrowing Lola Benita's dentures, so they decided to take the issue to court where JudgeMD Marian will resolve the issue. As the couple continues to argue about their braces, JudgeMD Marian thought of a solution to fix their problem, and her idea was to give them multiple dentures so that they won't have to borrow one another's set of teeth! Of course the two were delighted after hearing the good news by JudgeMD Marian, but after just a few seconds, in an ironic turn of events JudgeMD Marian's own dentures fell right off! Everyone was surprised she was wearing dentures, and certainly it gave the crowd and the two old couple a very good laugh! Who knew JudgeMD Marian was wearing dentures as well, and surprisingly fell off! Watch the video below and see for yourself and give a laugh at JudgeMD Marian!

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