Sarah has become pregnant and wisely decided to film the news of telling her little five-year-old soon the news. This little boy could not be any more precious or excited after Mom hands him the ultrasound pictures and he realizes the truth behind them. He asks her several times in his adorable British accent if the news is indeed true. Becoming a big brother must have been a dream of his, because it’s almost too much for him to take in.

This kind big brother is already offering for the baby to sleep in his room and assures Mom he will be there to give plenty of help for whatever she needs. He’s so excited he wants to see the baby right now, but Mom lets him know it will be after Christmas. No doubt as her belly continues to grow, this little boy will love to feel the baby kicking back at him. What a sweet family and a blessed little baby who is already loved so much and will have a big brother protecting him or her for life!