This Argentinian artist is blowing people away with his amazing works of art which cause you to pause and look closer at what exactly is going on in these paintings.

Whether swimming or sitting in water, these works take realism to a whole different level. And then this artist takes the work further by doing something very unique. After he finishes a piece, he photographs it with himself included. This gives a whole different aspect and perspective to the piece. Amazing!

Check out some of his works below:

This shark’s open mouth is so real it’s scary.


The artist and the woman appear to be side by side, enjoying the water together.

Paintings of tattoos are especially difficult because they have to look as though they are under the skin.

I can’t stop staring at this image. It really feels like she is about to emerge from the water and splash me.

Totally unique! Share these amazing works with all your friends and family!