Of course the best possible thing that you could do is to get along and plan another prank to play upon him and getrevenge.
Kivork of KeyForkTV had the hilarious prank for his girlfriend who will be coming home from her dance classes. He setupseveral cameras to capture the whole scenario. He was in bed with three half-naked women. When his girlfriend saw the scenario, she was asking for explanation but he could not give anything
She became hysterical. She was angry because of what she had came home to. After she worked hard to support their living, she could not accept the fact that he had the guts to cheat on her. 
She went out of the room and grabbed a gun and pointed it to the girls and her boyfriend. The women immediately rushed out of the room. They were terrified. 
It turns out that the girlfriend already knew his plans. What a great way to plan a revenge!
What can you say about this backfiring prank?