China—a groom and bride were caught on film fighting along Dongmen Old Street in Shenzhen after the bride arrived looking 50 years older. She had put gray and white streaks on her hair, and make up showing a wrinkly, old face.

Apparently, 26-year-old Qing Kao deliberately attended her wedding looking like that, to prank her boyfriend. She wanted to see the groom’s reaction, and wanted to know if he would still love her when she is 70 years old. Guo Chien, the groom, did not find the prank funny at all, and started the heated shouting in public while shocked passersby looked on.

Witnesses said that the groom was asking the girl to wash the make-up off, which the bride-to-be refused to do. She said that if he loved him after 50 years, it should be okay with him that they should take pictures together, with the girl looking old. The groom felt that the debate was going nowhere, since Kao insisted on having their pictures taken. Chien then threw his glasses to the ground and stormed off, leaving Kao desperately crying in the streets.

Onlookers say that Kao waited for a few minutes, crying her heart out, but the groom never came back. She then hailed a taxi and rode home, alone.