A do-er." After watching his DIY bedroom treehouse, you'll agree.

For many households, space is a commodity. While some people can boast separate game rooms or play rooms for their kids, most families have to make do with sharing rooms and making things multi-purpose. While we weren't able to verify whether or not this was the case for the Hadlock family, Dad's amazing new kids' room is bound to be the favorite new play space. It has plenty of nooks for sharing secrets, and a tree design is cute but also great for versatile pretend play. 
Some might say that having such a stimulating bedroom would make sleep difficult, but if their rooms were already filled with toys and potential distractions before, the change might not make such a big difference. I would definitely add some glow-in-the-dark stars to the ceiling to add to the feeling of sleeping outdoors. 
This incredible build was done in only three days, and we just can't get over how creative it is. Dad definitely put his heart into designing and building this perfect Christmas gift. Although he calls it a DIY room make-over, not everyone has the talent and skill to pull off something like this. Hats off to you, Adam, you are an amazing dad. 
What do you think of this make-over? Would you have wanted something like this as a kid?