With just weeks apart from their pregnancy, these triplets shared their very first look of their upcoming babies. 
On the show, The Doctors these identical triplets Jacqueline, Nicole and Erica together with theirhusbands shared the wonderful experience of revealing how many babies could be inside their tummies. The possibility of having a twins or a triplets for these women especially that they came from a family that has a history of having multiple births. 
The first one to undergo an ultrasound is Jacqueline. Her baby is a girl who seem to be shy. 
Then Nicole followed with a baby that is yawning as captured by the ultrasound and they will be having a baby girl. 
Erica was the last one, her husband has a history of the multiple births as well so the possibility is higher as well.  But they will be having a single baby as well. 
The families of the triplets are happy of the upcoming angels that will be joining their family.